25 years of recruiting, training, and supporting Christian volunteers for nursing home ministry.

Ministry Highlight

  • Changed And Redirected

    Changed And Redirected

    Helen was visibly sad and hopeless in the nursing home when I first met her. She explained that she was forced to move to Ohio and then sent to “this place”. She was a believer in Jesus, but she could not understand why God allowed such disappointment in her life, even after she had tried so hard to be a good mother and a good person. I shared with her how God wanted her to forgive those who “put her in this place” and to trust that He has a good plan for her. She was open to the Scriptures I shared and we both prayed for the Lord’s help. I promised her that I would return and I am ashamed to say that I simply forgot to go back for over two months. One day while passing that nursing home, I remembered and thought, “Oh my goodness, I forgot all about that lady!”READ MORE

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  • An Invaluable Gift

    An Invaluable Gift

    As we prepare to celebrate the 25th anniversary of God Cares, I am reflecting on the way God has led me and others to embrace nursing home ministry as a life-long calling. Back in 1984, when I first started visiting in a nursing home, I attended a Christmas Eve service at my church. A group of about 30 people came before the congregation to sing a carol. This group - known as “God’s Special Children” - were intellectually disabled adults from local group homes. As they waved their wreaths and ornaments, I was troubled at the sight. I could hear others around me saying “Isn’t that beautiful?” and “Praise the Lord!” I thought to myself …READ MORE

Super Giant Print Bibles

A hardcover 16 point font NT/Psalms Bible (NLT) designed for nursing home residents and people with frail eyes. Includes a helpful introduction with Scriptural answers to common questions, and an abundant life index.

“This is so easy for me to read! I just love it! I enjoy this Bible very much!” - A nursing home resident