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Annual Resident Picnic

Oh, what a wonderful time of celebration we had at the annual resident picnic last Friday! From the moment the first van full of residents arrived and the lively music started, the love and joy of Jesus filled the room. 185 faces were wreathed in smiles as residents sang and swayed and waved flags along with the music. Volunteers grabbed wheelchair handles and danced with residents as they lined up in a long parade going under the limbo bar. For the grand finale, 1000 balloons dropped from the ceiling, to the delight of residents who laughed and clapped and played dozens of balloon volleyball games - with lots of noise as all those balloons popped!

Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home: The Lord Needs You

It is true that the Lord can do whatever He desires without us. However, His divine plan is to do much of His great work through His disciples. Every person who comes to Jesus, comes through the efforts of other Christians whom God uses directly or indirectly. Serving the King of kings is not only our responsibility, it is a great privilege. We are His hands and feet. The following testimony speaks of the great love and mercy of God that we share with residents.