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Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home – Families Need You

Families of Nursing Home Residents Need You Family members have often told us they were greatly comforted knowing that someone is spending time with their loved one. Sometimes a resident will share spiritual needs or questions with a trusted friend that they could not share with a family member. Our willingness to listen, pray and respectfully share can become the bridge to God’s intervention and peace. We have also given great comfort to family members by attending funerals, assuring them of their loved one’s personal and present relationship with Jesus. When my Mother entered a Nursing Home as a resident, I felt that there was a need to ...

Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home – The Staff Needs You

The Nursing Home Staff Needs You An activity director of a nursing home wrote to us, “Thank you for another amazing day put on by you and all of your amazing volunteers! THANK YOU ALL, and thank you, God Cares Ministry, for all you do on a daily basis for our Elders!” Nursing home personnel are responsible for the well-being of the residents, including, but not limited to, providing a clean and safe home, nutritious meals, personal hygiene, and medical assistance, along with recreational, social, and spiritual activities. Nursing home staff are also required to comply with tough certification and licensing regulations. The pay rate for ...

Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home – Nursing Home Residents Need You

Residents will often experience a phase of culture shock upon entering a care center. They face the challenge of being a stranger in an extremely different environment than they are used to living in. They often struggle with the stereotype of “old folks in the nursing home.”