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The Christmas Visitor

As we shared in our blog "Bringing Holiday Cheer", Christmas is a great time to get new people started in nursing home ministry. During the holidays, many residents are especially lonely. If you are a volunteer, particularly a care team leader, this is an opportunity to invite someone to visit with you to befriend a lonely resident.

Bringing Holiday Cheer

One of the best Christmas presents we can share is a Christian presence. Below is an effective approach for you to invite your church members to visit at your care home during the holidays. There are also additional notes of guidance and gift ideas. It requires only a short-term commitment, but the great part is that some who accept this short-term call love it so much that they choose to become long-term care team members.

Silently…Good Tidings of Great Joy

We hear too much bad news every day – terrorism, war, crimes and conflict of all kinds... so I wanted to share some really good news with you! God is doing some amazingly great things through His servants - right where we live!

Especially When It Snows

My daughter and her eight children decided to do a service project at their local nursing home. The kids weren’t sure what they could do there, but their mother told them that they could entertain the residents just by being themselves.