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Even In Weakness, I Am Strong

We led the service for a delightful group of about 30 residents at an assisted living facility. As I introduced a hymn, I reminded the group that walkers and wheelchairs cannot hinder the ministry of prayer because prayers have wings.

God Answers Prayers

God answers my prayers, but usually, it does not happen fast.   It often takes much more time than anticipated; sometimes years… Prayer is like watering a garden ~ you can see instant results in the dryness of the soil; a refreshing and brightening of the leaves is almost instantaneous. But fruitfulness takes time... Sometimes much more time. We once did an experiment at the nursing home. We took 5 pots of soil and planted tomato seeds in them, but we only watered 4 of them. For several weeks I brought the 5 pots to show the progress and growth of the plants. It was over 2 – 3 weeks before they began to sprout. Then we slowly began to see ...

I Am Strong In The Strength Of The Lord

One of the most beautiful things about prayer is that anyone ~ and everyone! ~ can pray. It takes no special skill, equipment, or strength. A bedridden or even a paralyzed person’s prayer can be as strong (or stronger!) than an Olympic weight lifter’s prayer. Either person’s passionate, earnest prayer will avail much.

Answered Prayer

I am new to nursing home ministry – I began my visits just one year ago. When I first met Jesus 30 years ago, I told the Lord, “I want to be part of your kingdom and bring a boatload of people with me.” And 30 years later I’ve found my purpose. It took a long time, but I have found my niche, and I am so grateful. Every week I get to go to the nursing home stand back and watch the Lord do amazing work.