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Comfort And Healing From The Wounded

People who have been deeply wounded are often the most sensitive to others who are hurting. Those of us who turn to Jesus and receive His comfort become a blessing as we pass this comfort on to others who are struggling as we did.

God Cares For Her

Last month, I gave copies of the “God Cares for You” ministry book to residents at our Sunday service. Brenda received a copy and told her friend, Carla, about the wonderful book that was given to her. At the next service, Carla asked me if she might also have a book, telling me that Brenda had let her look through her copy. I pulled out a copy from my case, showed her the chapters, topics, stories and related prayers which she could incorporate into her day and also share with others. At the next service, Carla approached me with much enthusiasm and thanked me for the book. She said it was a tremendous help to her, and she asked to speak to ...