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It Is More Blessed

The Christmas season comes to us carrying an important principle about giving. It speaks through the many distractions that come with the world’s “holiday season”. I so appreciate many of the traditions of Christmas, including receiving gifts, but we mustn’t be distracted from…

We Are Thankful For You

We are so grateful to our many friends who gathered with us at our Fellowship Dinner on October 14th. It was such a blessing to fellowship with all of you, and to share our vision for “Reaching Our Nation’s Care Homes”. Your donations and faith commitments provided the seed money needed for the next phase of our mission. We are so grateful for your generosity! Our board, staff and advisors have spent this past year in focused prayer over the future of the nursing home mission field. We are confident that the Lord is leading us to recruit and equip thousands more missionaries to share His love and word with the 2,000,000+ residents in our ...

More Than You Can Imagine

In Christ Jesus, we have been given very great and precious treasures. As we meditate on the following Scriptures throughout the Christmas season, we will gain a greater realization of God’s gifts for us. Jesus gave: