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From Cradle To Grave

The announcements have gone out and in a few months the expectant parents will be having a new baby. Friends and relatives are planning to throw them a shower which will provide appropriate clothing, diapers and toys. The room at the end of the hall is becoming an adorable nursery with a comfortable and safe bed, pictures on the walls that will become cherished to that child over the years. A rocker in the corner will be the place where books are read, songs sung and tears wiped away. On the day of her/his birth the parents will be enthralled with their beauty and perfection. They are reminded that this is God’s creation, created in His image. ...

Veteran Volunteer

This Memorial Day, we want to highlight one of our volunteers, Dale, who volunteers in veterans’ outreaches through his city. Dale also volunteers in 6 nursing homes. Dale says, “People can feel worthless because they find themselves in a nursing home. But I tell them “As long as you’re alive and breathing, God still has a purpose for you. You can tell your neighbors about Jesus, and you can invite them to a service here.”

One Of A Kind

Nursing home ministry has such room for individual expression! There are as many unique styles of ministry as there are unique abilities and personalities, all sharing the love of Jesus. . .

One Of The Loneliest Times In A Care Home Is Right After Christmas

The carolers are gone, the visitors have left, the trees, the lights, and the wreaths are coming down, the parties are over and a long, dark winter season sets in. Now residents are truly facing silent nights and lonely days. They would love to have a bit of that joyous Christmas cheer again; to hear and sing songs and talk with visitors and break the monotony of the long days with pleasant company. . .

God Cares Ministry 2018 Picnic


PowerNight is Saturday, April 28th

We are deeply grateful to those of you who have embraced the word of God and carried it into your communities’ nursing homes. PowerNight is our annual volunteer appreciation banquet – our way of saying thank you! – to give you a night out for fun, fellowship, inspiration and encouragement.

Giant Print New Testament Bibles Are Here!

Those of you in this mission field know how difficult it is to find truly giant print Bibles at an affordable cost.  Well, now they are available!  Our hearts were filled with joy at the prospect of helping many of our care home friends grow closer to Jesus. You can go online to obtain these New Testament/Psalms Bibles . . .

How Has Nursing Home Ministry Impacted Your Life?

This is the question we have been asking those who are ministering in this mission field. During our PowerNight banquet, our friend, Yvonne Hobson, touched us all with her words and heart of love. She shared:

An Invitation That Transforms Lives

There is a key that unlocks a Kingdom principle. This key will be a great help for you who serve in nursing homes and who desire to have other missionaries join you in your labor of love.  We all know how discouraging it can be when we are told “no” after asking for help.  In John Chapter 1, there are several examples that reveal

Communion Services In The Nursing Home

During Holy Week services prior to Easter, I lead a Lord’s Supper Communion Service in the nursing home. During staff training, I have identified the residents who should or should not participate, due to physical limitations. Prior to the service, the daughter of one of our residents came and asked . . .