We have discovered that large print Bibles are too bulky and heavy for many residents to handle. We have found that residents do well with the scriptures and prayers written out on one page so that they can take them to their rooms for continued meditation. This also aids in focus during Bible studies and worship services.

Below you will find various topics and links to Scripture handouts that you can copy and use for your group services. For those of you who want to create your own, we suggest you follow the same general formatting we use, as it seems to be effective. We give more detail on formatting handouts in Chapter 11 of the book Nursing Home Ministry-Where Hidden Treasures Are Found.

We offer a variety of formats and designs to help keep things interesting and limit the content to one page as residents can more easily understand and process bite sized portions of scripture.

Each month, we will be adding new scripture pages to this library.   We would love to include Scripture pages you have created and are willing to share. Please send your one page Scripture handouts to info@GodCaresMinistry.com. If they meet the formatting specifications, we will gladly add them to our library.

Scripture portions to accompany the God Cares for You devotional

These scripture portions were used in conjunction with the God Cares For You devotional book. We are providing these to aid you in sharing the devotional chapters in your group services.