God Cares Ministry is seeking to recruit experienced and qualified nursing home missionaries to become Connect Coaches.

A Coach is trained to provide practical instruction, encouragement and prayer with those serving our Lord Jesus in care homes.

Their role is not to lead or oversee the people they coach, but rather to serve them as a friend to affect continual growth and bear good fruit in their care home(s).


  • A born again follower of Jesus Christ
  • A minimum of three years of consistent ministry in a care home
  • Two reference letters from Christian leaders in your community
  • Signed agreement to upholding the values and statement of faith, mission and vision of God Cares Ministry
  • A teachable spirit
  • Communication skills, including the ability to effectively use email
  • Have completed the God Cares Ministry Foundations Course
  • Have completed the God Cares Ministry Coach Connect Course

To apply, request a Coach Connect application