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I am amazed at God's provision. This ministry started with just two of us following up after the 22 year ministry of Pastor Don and Betty Jo Mattis ended.  We minister in 1 nursing home and 1 assisted living care center in rural Nebraska. What a privilege to serve these wonderful faith friends and family. Once again, God has gone the extra mile to provide what we need. About 6 months ago, God brought 2 other women who just lavish God's love on the residents at the nursing home. He has also provided a couple - he is a Baptist minister and his wife ministers to the Spanish speaking residents and staff. We have been praying for a long time for someone to minister in the Alzheimer units at this care center. Well, last week a lady sat in our Bible study and desires to teach in this unit!!! Oh my, God provides beyond our greatest needs. Please pray for more and more residents to come into a personal relationship with God through faith in our LORD Jesus Christ. God bless you all in the nursing home ministry, there is no greater call than to reach others with the love, grace, and mercy of our LORD JESUS CHRIST through the truths of His Word and life.
– Linda, Mitchell, NE

It was my first job in healthcare setting. I was an entry-level activity assistant working with 150 beloved residents with dementia at all levels. For 2 years I had made 1:1 visits with Mamie who was bed-bound and non-verbal. I used to read psalms to her with my pocket NT in one hand, and hold her left hand with my other. One day after reading I heard Mamie articulate in a quiet yet clear voice, "Thank you." As I reflect on that, I know in my heart that just as Jesus crossed from eternity to humanity 2 millennia ago, he will from time to time, for our encouragement, reveal himself to express to you that "you've done it unto me." Saints of God, take heart today!
– David, Parma, Ohio

Just a short note to update you on the progress we are making. Our Church is more interested now in Care Home Ministry, thank God. Volunteers are beginning to come forward. Thank you for being so supportive.
– Cindy, Birmingham, United Kingdom

It’s so wonderful to partner with you on God’s great commission – Go – share Jesus – love others. These people are so special & it’s possible they have never heard of Jesus or of God’s remarkable plan of reconciliation. His love for all people and His perfect plan of salvation. Your faithfulness to God’s call bears the fruit of righteousness.
– Jeanne, Parma, Ohio

We have been using your “God Cares For You” book in our Bible study at the facility where we minister. One resident was reading her copy in a common area, and was asked by other residents how they could get a copy of the book. I supplied them with copies, and they are now attending our Bible study!
– Tim, Adam’s Basin, New York

A team from my church took your training several years ago. We learned so much, enabling us to have a significant impact in our three care homes. We are recruiting new volunteers this year and will be using your resources again in training them.
– Pastor Bob, Mayfield, Ohio