Giant Print New Testament Bibles Are Here!

Good News!

I am so excited!  I can almost jump out of my socks!  Today, I unloaded a pallet of giant print New Testament & Psalms Bibles into our office!

This gold mine was donated to God Cares by a brother who desires to help nursing home residents and others with failing eyesight to see and read the Scripture, so that they may grow closer to Jesus!

My friend, Doug Wiley (who donated these treasures), worked hard for nearly a year, searching for copyrights from some of the most common translations.  He found favor with Tyndale, who gave permission to print the
New Living Translation in 16.5 point type.

Would you like to be a bearer of Good News?

These NT & Psalms are freely given, so that you can freely share them.  Our stipulations, however, are:

that you give them to people who need the larger print

 that you cover the cost of shipping and handling; and

 that you commit to following up with encouragement and prayer to help the receiver grow in Christ.

Those of you in this mission field know how difficult it is to find truly giant print Bibles at an affordable cost.  Well, now they are available!  Our hearts were filled with joy at the prospect of helping many of our care home friends grow closer to Jesus. You can go online to obtain these New Testament/Psalms Bibles or call our office at (440) 930-2173. (You may order up to eight Bibles.)

Order Online

*Please note that these NT/Psalms Bibles are the New Living Translation and contain additional Bible helps to aid the reader.  Our intent is that they are not for mass distribution, but for adding a great treasure to your friendships with the residents. ~ B.G.

~ Thank you, LORD & God bless you, Doug! ~

2 Replies to "Giant Print New Testament Bibles Are Here!"

  • Scott
    January 21, 2018 (11:43 pm)

    Praise the Lord! I was just talking to a Chaplain that we needed 8 large print Bibles for our nursing home ministry here in Tucson Arizona and I came across this offer. thank you !

    • Kim
      January 22, 2018 (12:12 pm)

      We’re so glad you found our site and the giant print Bibles! May the Lord use them to speak to the hearts of your residents. We hope you will take a look at our “God Cares For You” book, also, which is another great large print resource. God bless your ministry!

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