It Is More Blessed

The Christmas season comes to us carrying an important principle about giving. It speaks through the many distractions that come with the world’s “holiday season”. I so appreciate many of the traditions of Christmas, including receiving gifts, but we mustn’t be distracted from. focusing on the best gift of all, and what receiving such a gift calls us to do.

Indeed, Jesus is the first and greatest Christmas gift. His sacrifice for our salvation includes great gifts from the Holy Spirit. What inexpressible joy we have when these gifts truly become ours!!

it-is-more-blessedBut, we can’t stop there. There is so much more to God’s gifts than merely receiving them. In order to realize the true power and the blessing that come through His gifts, we need to share them.

Gifting has two sides. First, there is the initial giving of the gift and then there’s what we do with the gift once we receive it. Before we can properly use the gifts that God has bestowed on each of us, we must understand that every good and perfect gift comes from above, as James 1:17 tells us.

We receive many gifts from God every day, especially by reading His Word and through prayer. John 3:27 tells us that a man can receive only what has been given to him from Heaven.

God has given all of us gifts that he wants us to share, which is the second part of the gifting process. By receiving and sharing what we have been given, we experience the abundant life Jesus came to give us, and others get to experience it as well. This is one reason why it is more blessed to give than to receive!

God gave us the first and most important Christmas gift. But it’s as if we eagerly open His gift and all the blessings that come with it and then we notice a little tag attached to it that says, “Please re-gift in order to receive the full blessings of this gift!”

There are countless people who won’t realize God’s gifts during this season. They need someone who has freely received God’s gift to freely “re-gift” it to them. How might God use you to joyfully share what He has given you this Christmas season? Giving that is motivated by sincere love and guided by divine truth always precedes eternal blessings. So, take some time this season to give gifts of hope, encouragement, peace and love to those who need to experience God’s generosity and goodness, and you will be richly blessed!

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