Meeting The Challenge of The Hour

Dear Ministry Friends,

Although care home facilities across the country have closed their doors to outside visits, there is still much we can do for our beloved residents!  Following is a list of ideas on how you can continue to minister through this present challenge:

CONNECT: Contact the Activity Director at the home(s) you minister to and ask how you can help them through this time. In addition to what they might suggest, here are some of our suggestions:

      1. You can download our Words of Comfort and Encouragement from the Bible” handouts for the residents to receive on a regular basis. These handouts are in a Word document where you can personalize the grey text block below the puzzle. You could forward these to your Activity Director for them to copy and distribute to the residents you normally visit. The Activity Directors I have contacted are very open to pass these out to the residents.
      2. Mail handwritten cards to the residents. This would be a good project for your care team and other church members to all participate in. We have created four “Thinking of You” greeting cards which you are welcome to download and use.
      3. For those of you who have the technical capability, ask if you can “Facetime” or “Skype” your service at your regularly scheduled time.
      4. Consult with the Activity Director for approval before proceeding with any plan.

PRAY: Gather with your team on your nursing home visitation day to pray. (If appropriate, pray on the nursing home property, if permitted.) Take this time to fellowship, bond with your team, and even assess your team’s effectiveness or ways you can enhance your outreach.

      1. Pray for our friends in care homes – for protection from this illness; that they will not be fearful, but filled with a spirit of peace; for strength and endurance;
      2. For the staff of the nursing homes – for their health; for patience, compassion, and strength; that the Lord would bless them as they care for the residents;
      3. For the families of residents – for comfort, faith and understanding;
      4. For wisdom and guidance in decision making for our leaders in government and the medical profession;
      5. For ourselves. Ask God how He can use you to be a light to your community. This is a new opportunity for us as followers of Jesus to live out His call to love and serve our communities in His love and His compassion!

DO NOT FEAR! God tells us very clearly in Psalm 91 (and many other places) that those who dwell close to Him can find peace and security in Jesus.

And finally, be wise and STAY HEALTHY.

Let us use this time to creatively and respectfully reach our resident friends with words of comfort and encouragement from the Bible.  This can be your opportunity to expand your ministry to more residents and staff, and also to include others from your church.  Let us know if you have any additional ideas, and remember ~ we are here to serve you as you serve God’s elderly children in the care homes.  We are praying for them, and for you.

May the LORD bless and keep you,

Chaplain Bill Goodrich

Click here for handouts Click here for Greeting Cards

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