Meeting The Challenge of The Hour


Dear Ministry Friends,

Although care home facilities across the country have closed their doors to outside visits, there is still much we can do for our beloved residents!  Following is a list of ideas on how you can continue to minister through this present challenge:

CONNECT: Contact Activity Directors to tell them about these free downloadable resources:

      • HANDOUTS – Words of Comfort and Encouragement from the Bible:  Large print Bible verse handouts that focus on issues related to our elderly neighbors’ needs. We included a prayer that is focused on the theme of the verses. On the back side of the paper is a word puzzle and a text block which the sender can easily edit to personalize. You can email these directly to the Activity Director to copy and pass out to all residents. Many Activity Directors have expressed deep appreciation for these!!!
      • VIDEOS – Bible Message Videos:  Bible messages prepared specifically for care homes residents. Messages include hymns with the words on the screen so residents can sing along. Several homes are able to stream these onto all residents’ TVs.

You can also find these videos on our God Cares Ministry YouTube channel.

      • CARDS – Greeting Cards:  “Thinking of You” greeting cards that have beautiful photographs on the front and encouraging Bible verses inside. You can download these PDFs to send to your resident friends. This would be a good project for your care team and other church members to participate in.

Please pass this information along to those who might benefit from receiving or sharing comforting and encouraging words from our Lord.

PRAY: Gather with your team on your nursing home visitation day to pray. (If appropriate, pray on the nursing home property, if permitted.) Take this time to fellowship, bond with your team, and even assess your team’s effectiveness or ways you can enhance your outreach.

      1. Pray for our friends in care homes – for protection from this illness; that they will not be fearful, but filled with a spirit of peace; for strength and endurance;
      2. For the staff of the nursing homes – for their health; for patience, compassion, and strength; that the Lord would bless them as they care for the residents;
      3. For the families of residents – for comfort, faith and understanding;
      4. For wisdom and guidance in decision making for our leaders in government and the medical profession;
      5. For ourselves. Ask God how He can use you to be a light to your community. This is a new opportunity for us as followers of Jesus to live out His call to love and serve our communities in His love and His compassion!

DO NOT FEAR! God tells us very clearly in Psalm 91 (and many other places) that those who dwell close to Him can find peace and security in Jesus.

And finally, be wise and STAY HEALTHY.

Let us use this time to creatively and respectfully reach our resident friends with words of comfort and encouragement from the Bible.  This can be your opportunity to expand your ministry to more residents and staff, and also to include others from your church.  Let us know if you have any additional ideas, and remember ~ we are here to serve you as you serve God’s elderly children in the care homes.  We are praying for them, and for you.

May the LORD bless and keep you,

Chaplain Bill Goodrich

Click here for Handouts Click here for Greeting Cards Click here for Videos

3 Replies to "Meeting The Challenge of The Hour"

  • Cathy
    April 17, 2020 (3:53 pm)

    Chaplain Bill,
    Thank you so much for the “Comfort and Encouragement” handouts. This is a great help in reaching out to our Sunday School Class at the Owensboro Center Nursing Home. My heart has been heavy with prayerful concern for their need to be encouraged. I have tried to drop off something to encourage residents at least once a week since the COVID 19 sheltered in began. Our nursing home doesn’t have the technology for the video, but the handouts are an excellent help. Thank you so very much!

    May God be with you and keep you, as well.
    Cathy Englehardt

  • Legacy Activity Dept.
    September 24, 2020 (11:27 am)

    I am an activity director at Legacy Post Acute Care. Since COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives we have been without ministry services. So you can imagine my surprise when I received a call stating that you had some literature with Bible scriptures and a fun word game on back for us to download for our residents. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to jump at this opportunity. I’m so happy you’re doing this service. You are all a blessing to us. Thank you for helping keep faith alive !

  • Cathy
    October 5, 2020 (11:27 am)

    Thank you, Bro. Bill for your faithfulness in creating the “Words of Comfort and Encouragement” handouts for the care home residents and staff for 36 weeks. During COVID, our ministry in Owensboro, KY decided to link up with 12 nursing homes in our area by email. After calling each activity director and receiving their email addresses, we are sending the “Words of Comfort and Encouragement” handouts to all 12 nursing homes. The activity directors have expressed a high level of appreciation for the handouts. Many staff members at the care homes are also receiving the words of comfort as well. We are reaching approximately 500 plus staff with the Word of God because of your faithfulness and passion for the nursing home ministry. Saying thank you is not enough. I praise the Lord for God Cares Ministry and the handouts. May God bless you all and all your hard work.

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