One Of The Loneliest Times In A Care Home Is Right After Christmas

The carolers are gone, the visitors have left, the trees, the lights, and the wreaths are coming down, the parties are over and a long, dark winter season sets in.

Now residents are truly facing silent nights and lonely days. They would love to have a bit of that joyous Christmas cheer again; to hear and sing songs and talk with visitors and break the monotony of the long days with pleasant company.

We can bring the light of the love that came down at Christmas all year to our resident friends. All we have to do is to show up and lend them our hugs and handshakes and songs and smiles. To speak our kind words, lend our listening ears, our gifts of time and the present of our presence. To show them by our actions and words that they are loved – by us, and most of all, by Christ Jesus, the light of the world, who came that they might have life.

This testimony came to us from Dave Compton of Love Your Neighbor Ministries in Gresham, Oregon:

“Ingrid” was a WWII veteran and a holocaust survivor. While her living conditions in the nursing home were not as severe, she compared the spiritual darkness she felt to “sitting on death row.” It wasn’t until she embraced the Light that her darkness dissipated and she walked in the Light until the day she died.

We take seriously the responsibility of being Light bearers of the Gospel to the realms of darkness in which we serve.
Dave Compton

Stop in to visit someone you know who is now in a care home. If you don’t know anyone, call the Activities Director at the care home and ask if there is anyone who especially needs a visitor. Bring a friend or two from church with you. Bring your pet (with permission!), or your grandchild or your guitar. Bring a little gift: a flower in a vase, a pretty tissue packet, a card with an encouraging note. Knock on some doors, smile and introduce yourself, and ask if the resident would like a few minutes of company.

You can make a world of difference in the life of a resident this year by bringing the light of Christ’s love to them.

We are here to serve you as you share this great Light in your local care home.

Have a blessed new year, filled with the love of Jesus. And ask Him to guide you into a wonderful ministry to your neighbors in a nearby care home!

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