A Picnic in Jesus’ Name

Each year God Cares Ministry organizes a picnic, inviting 15+ nursing homes to bring as many residents as they can for a time of fun. This year, about 50 dedicated volunteers hosted over 150 residents and staff. What a joy-full day it was!!!  We sang, went under the limbo bar to the delight of both participants and spectators, danced the hula, wheelchair- danced with their caregivers and volunteers and clapped along to the lively music. The grand finale was the balloon drop, which was a hit – literally – as residents volleyed balloons to each other across tables and were transformed before our eyes into happy kids once again.

As with every Legacy Picnic we have held for the past 16 years, our message to our friends is simple, yet very important:

“Jesus Loves you and So Do We!”

Based on the smiles and words of gratitude from our guests, we saw that the Lord clearly answered our prayers for a joy- filled day and a great expression of His love!




Legacy Picnic 2017












Many thanks to Kristin Scott for these photos!

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