God Cares For You



A ministry book for nursing home residents

This ministry book was written to address the spiritual and emotional issues and concerns facing the majority of nursing home residents. It is large-print, spiral bound and contains seven conversational messages, with Scripture, photographs and prayers.

$5.00 each (1-19 copies)
$4.00 each (20-49 copies)
$3.00 each (50+ copies)

$5.00 each (1-19 copies) $4.00 each (20-49 copies) $3.00 each (50+ copies)


By: Chaplain Bill Goodrich

With over 25 years of experience ministering in nursing homes, Chaplain Bill Goodrich wrote “God Cares for You” to help volunteers share Biblical Truth with residents regarding topics they struggle with most;  reminding them of God’s love, peace and purpose. This book can be given to nursing home residents as a devotional for their personal use or used for a study in a one-to-one or small group Bible study.  We encourage you to also use this book as a guide for messages for your church services and have provided free printable downloads to accompany each chapter. The Truth of God’s Word is encouraging and life-giving and it is our hope that this book will help to illuminate that Truth in the lives of the residents in the care home you serve.

Topics Addressed:
  • Living With Change
  • A Lasting Hope
  • Walking With A Loving God
  • Forever Friends
  • Finding Peace
  • A Greater Purpose
  • Amazing Grace Forever


“I wish I’d had that book when I first got here…it would have made things easier for me. I had such anger and unforgiveness toward some of my family because of what they did to my things after I got put in here…I didn’t know it was eating me alive until I read the book. I’d like to see every person handed a copy of this book when they first get here…it might save people from some emotional whiplash and spiritual suffering.” – Nursing Home Resident


It is our desire that these books be shared with residents all of the country.  If you are unable to provide the suggested amount, please contact our office for alternatives.


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