Thinking Of You Greeting Cards

Click on the links below to download a pdf’s of greeting cards.

These cards are to assist you in letting your resident friends know that you are thinking of them.  Be sure to make your comments readable for frail eyes.  (Print in large and bold letters.)

To Print:  We recommend that you print on card stock or heavy paper.  If you print double sided, use the settings to flip “short side”.

The cards have a lot of margin so that you can cut them to fit various envelope sizes.  There is plenty of white space for you to write a note.

There are four cards to choose from:

  1. Butterfly - PDF (489 KB)
  2. Squirrel - PDF (506 KB)
  3. Rose - PDF (466 KB)
  4. Deer - PDF (477 KB)
  5. Easter - PDF (493 KB)