While We Wait Out The Virus

For most of us, it is very difficult not to go to the nursing home to minister to our friends. We want to do something for them, but we can’t. But wait! There is something you can do for the residents. Since so many things are canceled, and we have some unplanned time on our hands, you can use this time to learn valuable principles from Scripture that will help you thrive in your nursing home outreach.

Two ideas:

  • A book discussion with the Nursing Home Ministry – Where Hidden Treasures are Found  Perhaps you have this handbook in your library, or you can purchase it in our store. Until May 31st, we are offering it cost-free (you pay only shipping & handling).  Be sure each member of your ministry team has one, decide on a chapter or two, then meet together to share your thoughts on what you read.  If getting together is not possible, you can talk via phone or email. (Use the special code: MEANTIME at checkout.)

Think of the value that you and your care team will bring to your resident friends from this time of fellowship, prayer and sharing ideas that will increase your ministry’s fruitfulness!

  • Take the nursing home ministry online training, Living Waters in A Dry Land. This video is an 8 session video from a training program done before a live audience. You can see a preview of this seminar. Until May 31st, we have reduced the suggested donation to $22.50 (a 50% savings when you use the code: FRUITFULNESS at checkout.) You will be given the access code for the full training video, an accompanying workbook, the Hidden Treasures handbook and a God Cares for You ministry book. (This includes shipping too!)

Your resident friends will benefit when you learn ideas that will make your outreach even more effective.

Remember, we are here to serve you as you serve in the nursing home mission field.

May God bless you for caring and sharing!

Chaplain Bill Goodrich


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