Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home – Families Need You

Families of Nursing Home Residents Need You

Family members have often told us they were greatly comforted knowing that someone is spending time with their loved one. Sometimes a resident will share spiritual needs or questions with a trusted friend that they could not share with a family member. Our willingness to listen, pray and respectfully share can become the bridge to God’s intervention and peace. We have also given great comfort to family members by attending funerals, assuring them of their loved one’s personal and present relationship with Jesus.

To love and be loved gives a person purpose and hope for tomorrow. When these are missing, many find no reason for living.

When my Mother entered a Nursing Home as a resident, I felt that there was a need to connect with the residents and make them feel loved. I rescued a little Dachshund named Sunny who loved to be held and touched. I entered Sunny into classes and she became a certified pet therapy dog. I took her to the NH weekly and the residents loved her. I even had a big birthday party for Sunny, and had all the residents come and eat cookies shaped like dog biscuits.

About a year or two later on a Tuesday evening, I wheeled my Mom into the dining room at the NH so that she could attend a weekly Bible study. I figured she was in good hands so I could go home early that evening. The next day when I visited my Mom, she handed me a paper that had quotations from the Bible. As it turned out, it was from the God Cares Bible study.

This little piece of paper changed my life. Not only did I attend the next Bible Study, but it wasn’t long after that I became involved in God Cares Ministry. I started to help out at the Bible Study on Tuesdays and also at the Legacy Picnics in June.

Last, but not least, because of that small piece of paper that was given to my Mom at the Bible Study, that she in turn gave to me, I was baptized a born-again Christian.

~ Fran Passano

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