Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home – Nursing Home Residents Need You

Nursing Home Residents Need You

I’m glad you’re coming back next week because what you do gives us strength, and that’s what we need right now.

~ Jack, a resident.

blog-nursing-home-staffResidents will often experience a phase of culture shock upon entering a care center. They face the challenge of being a stranger in an extremely different environment than they are used to living in. They often struggle with the stereotype of “old folks in the nursing home.”

These and other concerns can be the cause of fear, grief, depression, anger, etc., leading to a “survival behavior” uncharacteristic of a person’s former personality. The result of such circumstances is loneliness. The pain of loneliness can be greatly relieved by being with others who care.

Many residents have simply outlived most of their friends and relatives. Further, friends and relatives who are still living may rarely visit. Many feel that their family and churches have actually abandoned them. So, one of the greatest things we can do is just be there with them and for them.

Your visits will often provide opportunities to help residents put their hope and trust in Christ. Many residents do not understand that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus and that He can meet their needs. They may have misunderstandings and/or concerns about religion, which they would talk about if someone they trusted would take the time to listen.

Residents who are already Christians may or may not have a strong relationship with the Lord. They too, need your encouragement and support for being active in their faith.

The following testimony by a volunteer shows how he had the privilege of sharing the comfort of eternal life with several residents, some who knew Jesus and one who didn’t – yet!

A fellow team member and I were visiting a few ladies in the Alzheimer’s unit at the home. We started reminiscing about one of their friends from that home who had recently passed away. The conversation started getting quite somber, so I mentioned that she was now at peace in heaven and is no longer suffering. Then one of the ladies said, “I wish I could be sure I was going to heaven.” We were pleased to open the Bible and show her the way! After sharing the promises in God’s Word, and affirming her trust in Jesus, we shared in a prayer of thanks to our Lord and Savior. What a blessing we all shared! We are thankful for our friends from God Cares who helped us get started in this ministry.

~Doug Feller

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