Why You are Needed in the Nursing Home – The Staff Needs You

The Nursing Home Staff Needs You

blog-nursing-home-staffAn activity director of a nursing home wrote to us, “Thank you for another amazing day put on by you and all of your amazing volunteers! THANK YOU ALL, and thank you, God Cares Ministry, for all you do on a daily basis for our Elders!”

Nursing home personnel are responsible for the well-being of the residents, including, but not limited to, providing a clean and safe home, nutritious meals, personal hygiene, and medical assistance, along with recreational, social, and spiritual activities. Nursing home staff are also required to comply with tough certification and licensing regulations.

The pay rate for nursing assistants, those who work closest to the residents and perform the most physically difficult and humbling personal care duties, is generally low, resulting in a high turnover rate. Staff members often grow very attached to the residents they care for, and they appreciate volunteers who have a genuine concern for the well-being of each resident. They realize you are meeting an important need when you are able to spend quality time with the residents.

A respectful and courteous attitude toward all staff will open many doors that might otherwise have remained closed. Such an attitude will help you to be seen as a blessing, and not as a burden. In time, you will become more familiar with staff members, giving you opportunities to befriend and bless them personally as well.

At one home where we have been ministering for several years, the staff has gradually become more and more involved in helping with our services. They have seen our love for the residents in their care and they are eager to help us gather residents for the service. They also help us move the keyboard, pass out song sheets, and one staff member has recently begun sharing the devotional once a month for the group! Another staff person listens closely to the messages I give and has asked me several questions about how to hold onto faith and hope.

We are grateful for the opportunity to encourage and bless this compassionate, hard-working staff as well as the residents!

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