Wind For Wings Prayer Letter Ministry

A young friend of this ministry, Carter Knight, is starting a ministry called, “Wind for Wings.” He is asking nursing home residents to write letters, guided by the Lord, to people they don’t even know, trusting that God will use them in a mighty way in a stranger’s life. If you have a friend in a nursing home who would like to participate in this exciting venture, here are Carter’s suggestions for how they can write a ministry letter:

It is rare to receive hand-written letters today, which is why I believe them to be a unique way of showing God’s love to someone. Just imagine a young college student struggling with depression and having no hope. What might happen if I give them a hand-written letter of prayer to direct their heart to find comfort In Jesus? This could be a simple tool used of God to change their life forever! It may only take you 15-20 minutes to write this letter, but trust God to do big work through it!

Here are 4 simple steps to writing these letters of prayer:

  1. 1.  Get all the material needed for hand-writing a letter – an encouraging card with envelope, your favorite pen, a Bible
  2. 2.  First, you can begin the letter as, “Dear Friend.” Then, open your Bible to a psalm or other prayer. Try going to Psalm 23, 34:1-8, 27:7-14, 51, 52:10-17, or even Romans 8. Write some Scripture in your letter. You may write 1-2 verses, or you may want to write more. Do whatever seems best and most encouraging. Some people may write only the words of Scripture, while others may personalize it with their own prayerful words.
  3. 3.  Next take some time to pray for the person who will receive this letter. I will be personally handing these letters to people in my state of Montana and around the world as I travel. You won’t know what people are struggling with, but be encouraged that God already knows. Ask Him for anything that would bless that person. As you pray, write out your prayer for them in the letter. This is what makes the letter special – the prayer that God guided you to pray is written for the person to read. I encourage you to write out a unique prayer for the person who will receive this letter. You are free to write whatever you would like, just as you are free to pray whatever you want. I encourage you to pray like Jesus by praying the words of the Bible. To begin, open your Bible to Our Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13. Also, go to John 17 to see and learn from Jesus’ longest prayer.

    Here are a few additional prayer ideas to get you started:

    • Strength in the Lord’s joy for the difficulties of today
    • Hope in Christ for the fears and anxieties of tomorrow
    • Healing in Christ for whatever has hurt them in the past
    • Wisdom to make decisions that please God
    • Faith to believe in Christ for salvation
    • Love to forgive whoever has wronged them
    • Peace in the Holy Spirit for every trial in life

    If you still have trouble finding the right words, simply continue reading the Bible. Try reading the Gospel of John and then try reading the letter to the Philippians or Ephesians. God will give you the right word if you ask him to help.

  4. 4.  Now you’ve completed something with life-changing potential! All that’s left is to mail off this letter to my address:
               Carter Knight
               3824 2nd Ave. S
               Billings, MT 59101

I look forward to sharing stories of what God does in the lives of many people through your letters of prayer.

If you have any questions, please email me at:

I can also be reached at 406.696.4455.  May God give you joy in his service. ~ Carter Knight

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